2013 Focus on Seniors LIVE EVENT

2013 Focus on Seniors LIVE WEBINAR EVENT!

You don’t want to miss the 2013 Focus on Seniors live event! I’ll be hosting this all-day event live, on January 3rd, starting at 10 a.m. MST. I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this information with you and help you jump-start the new year with this incredible, energy-packed program. With the help of our amazing guest speakers, Craig Stidham, Blair Phillips, Brett Jarnagin and more, the senior season will be covered in every detail.

We’ll discuss:

  • the essentials of a senior marketing concept–techniques that get the phone to ring
  • what parents and students look for–in a live Q&A session with actual clients
  • social media trends–the good, the bad and the ugly
  • pricing and packaging–how to take your brand from average to outstanding
  • sales discussions on how to handle objections and maximize every sale

There’s too much to gain in this SPTV production, and we don’t want you to miss out on this excellent resource for the perfect senior season.

So hurry and reserve your spot for this event NOW by visiting UKANDU.COM

Add a comment and let us know what you want to hear about most in the live show!


Mommy Photography Class 101

I’m very excited to announce that Sandy Puc’ Portrait Design will be offering Mommy Photography classes to our local friends and clients of Denver!

Check out our newly announced dates and give us a call! Space is limited so be sure to reserve your spot soon! 303.730.8638

We can’t wait to meet you and help you take charge of your DSLR Camera!

Mommy Photography Class Denver

Tour Update: Stuffed with Seafood and Pizza

A week after leaving home, the Sandy Puc Creative Edge Kids Tour and Gypsy Family Caravan are still plugging along…

We're all still in great spirits as we made our way through California and up to the Northwest.

On the way to Sacramento before Wednesday night’s show, we decided to stop at the pier and have a bite of seafood, because living in a land-locked state like Colorado doesn’t provide you with such luxuries. We ate more shrimp, crab and calamari than you could imagine!

You can't get this kind of seafood in Colorado!

After we were stuffed to the gill, believe it or not, we decided that we could not leave without getting some of the famous Tony’s Napoletana Pizza. We ordered 2 pies, and they were 22 inches each! We could not even fit them in the car!

The box was so big, we could not get it in the door!

The Sacramento show was fantastic. We finally got our missing display images, which helped make the final layout look absolutely gourgous. The crowd was fun, and I could feel their energy radiate as I was teaching.

Rest stop in northern California right before crossing into Oregon. Love the light!

Yesterday was dedicated to driving, and then driving some more, as we made our way up to the beautiful Northwest for shows tonight in Portland and Saturday in Seattle. The weather up here is refreshingly cooler, and the scenery is absolutely phenomenal with all the picturesque pines and lakes.

What's a road trip without the junk food?

Can’t wait for tonight’s seminar in the City of Roses!

Welcome to the Gypsy Family

It’s easy for me to say that whichever tour appears next on the calendar is the one I’m “most looking forward to.” After all, it’s the here and now. (Not to mention a good way to get students excited about an upcoming workshop.)

But truly and honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I’m anticipating this summer’s Creative Edge Kids Tour more than any previous one. And the reason is simple, my family.

In the past while I was away, my family was only able to join me two a time, never all together at once… Until now! My entire family—two daughters, two sons, and husband—will be joining me on the road for what is sure to be complete chaos and endless laughter.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As many of you know, I love coming up with a theme for each tour. For the Power of Passion, it was prank wars between my bus and Jerry’s. For the DSLR Video Workshop, it was the whole wild, wild west “If It Moves, Shoot It” cowboy theme.

Because I’ll be joined by my family during Creative Edge Kids—hopping from city to city caravan-style—we’ve decided to go with the Gypsy theme. This idea may very well cause all of us to lose our sanity, but it is sure to be an experience of a lifetime.

A big part of our gypsy-family vacation will be sight-seeing at many of the incredible stops we have scheduled for the tour. In the past we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel all around the world, but it’ll be so much fun seeing all the amazing places there are right here in our own backyard.

So far we’ve made it out of the beautiful state of Colorado and into New Mexico as we make our way to Phoenix for tomorrow night’s seminar.

Of course, I’m excited for more than just vacationing with my family. I CANNOT wait to get back to teaching my favorite photography subjects: babies, toddlers and young children! Though I’ve had a blast stepping outside my comfort zone this year, dabbling in weddings, boudoir and video, it’s going to an absolute joy returning to what I know best.

The crew and I have been working very hard the past few months in order to provide attendees a truly rewarding and useful seminar experience, and we can’t wait to share it with you!