Oh MAMA: Why Pregnancy Announcement Portraits are the New Must Have

oh mama

From Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton, it seems like everyone is pregnant these days! Your expecting clients are definitely going to want need some pregnancy announcement portraits. There are a variety of cute posing options out there, ranging from the quirky and playful to the ultimate in sophistication. Whatever the style, here are some reasons these new portrait memories are so in demand and how to capitalize on them.

Teeny Tiny

Your clients’ babies are still itty bitty. You might not even know they are there by the 20 week session, especially if it’s the couple’s first child. So what’s the point, right? The point is, the mother-to-be’s waistline is still looking tiny too. Women love to show off their newly acquired motherhood status without looking… bigger. Encourage mothers to show off their figure in their favorite outfits. Depending on their personality this will be anything from jeans and a plaid shirt to a flowing dress and killer heels.

Time is on My Side

Most couples announce their pregnancy between the 12 and 20 week point, when the to-do lists and chaos are beyond the horizon, along with the discomfort and insecurity of the last few months of pregnancy. While these portraits cannot replace those incredible traditional maternity portraits, they are less time-sensitive and a little less stressful as well. Make the most of the timing by marketing (with permission) at OBGYN offices. This is probably the best (and only) place where you can reach your target market at this stage in the game.

Good News Travels Fast

In this world of social media, a single adorable portrait upload will tell everyone in your clients’ networks their wonderful news. Everyone can share in the good news at once. But where does this leave your sales? Well, the grandparents will be thrilled with a wall-sized portrait, as will the couple themselves. This session can also be incorporated into an album of maternity and newborn portraits, which becomes a much more substantial investment and commitment. You can safely sell your client their favorite pose as a low-resolution digital image at a discount with the purchase of a full year baby plan (three to four sessions throughout the year to capture every milestone). With logo placement on the digital image, you will get plenty of marketing value to make up for the discount.

Gender Reveal

Many clients will want to wait to announce their pregnancy until they know the gender of their child. That makes the news that much more exciting. For those clients that want to incorporate that element into their session, there are tons of fun ways to do so:

– A box full of blue or pink balloons, opened at just the right moment

– A simple yet charming “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” banner

– A slice of blue or pink cake

– A tiny pair of blue or pink shoes

– A bouquet of blue or pink flowers

You get the idea.

Sibling Surprise

For families expecting a subsequent child, it’s always fun to incorporate the first child into the pregnancy announcement portrait. Whether they like it or not, their family dynamic will change, and this can actually help get kids excited about the newest family member. Here are some fun poses:

– shirt that reads “single child expires on [due date]”

– sidewalk chalk or sign reading “Big Brother/Sister]

– ultrasound picture

– pulling a wagon with a teddy bear or other baby item with due date sign

– family shoe pose with empty baby shoes

These poses are just the beginning, and you can find a wealth of adorable choices online (hello pinterest) to suggest to your clients. Take advantage of this emerging trend and if you build good relationships you might just secure a few long-term clients in the process!

Have you done one of these sessions yet? Comment below to share your favorite pregnancy announcement pose.