Win Sandy Puc For A Day At YOUR Studio!

Hi Everyone,

I’m realllllllly excited to inform you that one lucky winner of the “Sam U to You” raffle at the PPA Charities Gala on January 15th at IUSA will win a day with me at your studio!

To enter, arrive at the PPACH Gala on time to buy one of 100 water bottles containing a $25 gift certificate that can be redeemed for some cool stuff on You will get a water bottle to use for the rest of your time at IUSA AND be entered into a drawing for a FREE full-day consultation from me at your studio! Some benefits to you: I will pay for my own transportation, visit your studio, help you with your marketing–and buy you lunch! Note: If the bottles run out, we will still supply gift certificates but I encourage you to engage in the contest fun!

The $25 certificates can be redeemed at, which featues a wealth of marketing information. Many of the marketing kits are only $20 so you can apply the difference towards more than one kit. This is a great way to split the difference and stock up with two or three kits for the New Year!

The Charities Celebration Event will take place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in the Lone Star Ballroom on Level 2, beginning at 8 p.m. I am so honored to help PPA Charities, and I also look forward to visiting the winner’s studio. Hope to see you all there!




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