TOUR: Cap'n Jhonny and the Fishident!!

Cap’n Johnny Snow from Larson Enterprises is serving as our chauffer, bellhop, and cap

tain of the pirate bus affectionately known as Jeff. You know, Jeff Starship. Cap’n Johnny made one request of his crew: don’t open the freezer. Do not open the freezer. DO NOT OPEN THE FREEZER. You-Know-Who (Sam!) had to open it. What a smell!  Imagine frozen fish that was not frozen, the

n frozen, then thawed, then frozen. Erin says “it was the nastiest thing!” Everything in the RV smelled and tasted like fish. Try guzzling fish-smelling mango tea someday. Yummy! It’s going down in Expressions Photography history as “The Fishident.”

Quote of the day “What exactly IS RV restroom protocol?” 


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