The Packer's Game!

As always, the only thing Nik requested for Christmas this year was to see Brett Farve play in Green Bay WI. Now, that sounds like and expensive deal, however we factor in that Nik is the least expensive child we have. From the time he was four, he has only ever asked for either a football or football cards or books. This trip has become tradition as it not only gives him the most exciting day in his year, it also provides me with a few moments to spoil him.

A big thanks to Dave Junion. As always, he provided the near impossible tickets to the game. I cannot begin to tell you how cold it was! It did not help that we flew from Florida (in the middle of our family vacation) to the artic tundra of WI. Because this was a surprise gift for Nik, I had shipped our winter gear on ahead to Wisconsin. No amount of clothing was enough to get warm, though!

We had an amazing time. The game, the food and the laughter was more than enough to warm my heart. (The little heat packets worked for my fingers and toes too!)


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