SOUTH DAKOTA—Visit with Rod Evans, an artist's heart

Erin and I are off again, this time we are in South Dakota, home of friend and photographer extraordinaire, Rod Evan. After locking ourselves in our hotel room to work the first day there, we were so excited to leave the hotel and head all of one block away to visit our good friend Rod Evans.

WOW is about the only word that can describe not only his amazing studio, but also the work of the artist himself. I felt such joy as I walked through the building of a man who cares so much for the passion and control that a true artist must feel to hone his craft.

After the wonderful tour, we sat in the majestic waiting area and talked for several hours. Rod is such a generous and giving person that no matter what I asked, he offered not only advice, but also the willingness to share anything that I requested. As it got late, I hated to leave but I had to prepare for the next day’s show.


We received a warm reception from the SDPPA. The photographers were very attentive and provided a positive energy. This was especially appreciated because the room was about 99 degrees too hot. For some reason, the air conditioner would not work, and in a room with a 100 people, it can really warm up. As we slowly melted the day away, I tried to share the most exciting stories to keep everyone from falling asleep due to the heat. I was so pleased that by the time it was over, everyone seemed reenergized and ready to take his or her business to the next level.


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