My son Nik’s favorite thing to do in the world is travel. As has been a tradition for the last three years, Nik requested that for his birthday he takes a trip with me. This year was no different. I was scheduled to speak in New Jersey, so it only made sense to take a few extra days to spend with Nik in Philadelphia.

Geography and history are Nik’s favorite subjects, so right away we were perusing the city looking for historic spots. Nik mentioned numerous times how amazing it was to be walking in the same places where so many of our founding fathers had been. It became the game of the day to find spaces that possibly could have been touched by an important historical figure. I watched in awe as Nik took the time to read all of the historic plaques that time would allow.

We enjoyed all of the sights, but one of my favorite stops was the Liberty Bell. As we entered the building, it seemed we had transported ourselves to airport security. In addition to removing coats and shoes, we sent our belongings thru the X-ray machine and walked through the metal detectors. As we entered, I saw a sign posted that stated a long list of rules including NO WEAPONS. I turned to Nik and jokingly asked if he had a weapon. Without missing a beat, he looked up at me, pointed to his biceps and said “No Mom, just my big guns.” Sharing this wondrous city with Nik will truly be a treasure I will remember for years to come.


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