The Puc' family 2006 HOLIDAY CARD

Once again, I find that the holiday is approaching fast. And yes, even I am late getting my holiday cards done. This year I wanted to create a fun, whimsical piece that would show off the many personalities of my children and their newfound love of skiing.

Off to the studio we went, Hats, coats and winter stuff in tow. I was SO grateful that ALL four of my children were helpful participants. I can honestly say that this is the FIRST time neither my children nor I have had a mental breakdown during the portrait session. The funny reality is that I can photograph anyone’s children in the world, except my own. After 17 years, I know what does and does not work. That is why I can never understand that when I work with my own children, I become a demanding parent instead of a professional photographer.

I am proud to say that this year, we had a GREAT time playing, laughing and working as a family to create my 2006 card vision. So here it is in all of it glory. This is a three fold square card so I will explain the pieces.

PS- The design work was done by the fabulous Erin Jeppson……Clap…clap…clap…..


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